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Breaking: Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Agents

News outlets are this morning reporting that Robert S. Mueller and his team have indicted twelve Russian agents for hacking  the computers of Democratic organizations and of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and before. The twelve are said to be members of Russia’s military intelligence unit, the GRU, or Glavnoye razvedyvatel’noye upravleniye.

The Washington Post notes that, “The 11-count indictment spells out in granular detail a carefully planned and executed attack on the information security of Democrats, implanting hundreds of malware files on Democrats’ computer systems, stealing information, and then laundering the pilfered material through fake personas and others to try to influence voters’ opinions.” Readers may also see the actual indictment hosted on the New York Times site here.

Both the Post and the Times note that this development comes within hours of Trump’s meeting with Putin in Finland. How this will impact those talks is the question of the hour. However, the more cynical among us might be forgiven for suspected that they will have no effect, given that both men probably know all about the acts of sabotage.

A note of background: The GRU is overshadowed by the former KGB (now re-christened the FSB and the SVR), but some observers regard it as the more dangerous of the two groups. Formed under the sponsorship of Leon Trotsky in 1918, the GRU has scored some remarkable intelligence coups. It was the GRU, for example, who recruited Klaus Fuchs and George Koval, the men who transmitted nuclear weapons data from the Manhattan Project to the Soviets