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Boycott All Fox Advertisers

William B. Turner

Let’s Leave Laura – and Fox.

Newly minted political celebrity David Hogg, of Parkland school shooting fame, has called on companies that advertise on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News network show to stop doing so, and called on the public to boycott any company that continues so to advertise.

This is consistent with the approach the public took up against Rush Limbaugh after he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” on his show because she explained why students like her need contraceptives during the debate over requiring health insurers to cover prescription contraceptives in their policies. The “Flush Rush” movement ended up costing Limbaugh a significant number of sponsors and his show no longer airs on the largest, most powerful radio stations in several major cities.

So, by all means, let’s boycott any company that advertises on the Laura Ingraham show.

But, as some astute observer pointed out on Twitter, the problem is not just Laura Ingraham, the problem is Fox News as a network and the enormous harm it has done to our political discourse in general by creating and now super serving the paranoid subset of the population. There are any number of stories circulating by people who explain how their fathers became right wing nutjobs from watching Fox News. This is the individual version of the larger, social problem that Fox News has created.

So, logically, we should not confine out boycott just to advertisers on the Laura Ingraham show. We should boycott any company that advertises on Fox News at all.

Good “conservatives” are already calling for a boycott of any company that removes its ads from the Laura Ingraham show, but this is nothing to worry about. “Conservatives” suck at boycotts. It’s not at all clear that they grasp the concept. Remember a few months ago when lots of “conservatives” suddenly started smashing their Keurig coffee makers – which they must have already paid good money for – to demonstrate their condemnation of some action by the company?

Or when the cast of the hit Broadway show, Hamilton, addressed vice president Mike Pence during his visit to the show, prompting Trump supporters to call for a boycott? One apparently not very bright “conservative” insisted that the boycott was hugely successful because she could easily get tickets to the enormously popular show, sold out for years in advance – from scalpers, who must have bought the tickets for resale, meaning that her refusal to buy them — her “boycott” — cost the producers of the show not a penny.

So, Let’s Leave Laura, but all of Fox advertisers as well.