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Bornstein Kerfuffle Just Keeps Getting Better

So by now everyone knows that Trump’s formerly loyal doctor, Harold Bornstein, says that 45 sent a goon squad to raid his offices and take away all his medical files last February. Now, though, things are getting more fun still. Bornstein is saying that Trump basically dictated the infamous memo about his being the healthiest candidate ever.

Politico, the online political news magazine, has an interesting take on Bornstein’s new found independence. Annie Karni, in Trump’s fixers revolt: Longtime associates whose job was to clean up messes are suddenly in the spotlight making things worse for the president, reports that Trump has traditionally hired two types of people — those who looked like they could do the job, and those who who didn’t look like professional models, but who stayed out of sight and did their jobs quietly. And, usually, their jobs included cleaning up the awful messes that Trump always seems to be making. That meant Bornstein, the president’s doctor (and how many STDs do you suppose he’s dealt with?), and Michael Cohn, the president’s lawyer and porn star payoff specialist.

But, now, the behind the scenes types who were supposed to stay quiet are suddenly in the limelight. And, clearly, they’re tempted to abandon the loyalty to Trump that’s mostly gained them nothing but trouble — the raid on Bornstein’s office, for instance, and Michael Cohen’s sudden familiarity with the FBI. Karni writes that, “But in recent weeks, there has been tension in the natural order of Trump’s world, because his not-made-for-prime-time “fixers” have been basking in the national spotlight where they don’t belong. And they’re doing something else very out of character for the aides picked solely for their loyalty and willingness to bend the rules: They’re falling out of line.”

And one wonders how much those fixers will reveal, and how unfixed things will become for 45.