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Bone Spurs Fraud

So, this isn’t news. You saw it coming. Like Tuesday comes after Monday.

But…here goes anyway. It now looks like Der Drumpf got out of the draft by faking his infamous bone spurs. (No. Really. Gosh. What a freaking surprise.) Multiple news outlets are reporting that the two daughters of the now deceased podiatrist who gave the young Trump his diagnosis of bone spurs told them that the whole thing was a fraud. The podiatrist in question, Dr. Larry Braunstein, said that he owed his landlord a favor, and so…

Oh, and the landlord in question? Obviously…Fred Trump, Donnie-boy’s dad.

But, of course, you knew all this already. You had it figured out. You know what Trump is— i.e., a major lying scumbag sociopath. So, really, you knew it was only a matter of time.

Still, if you want to check it out at all, here’s a few articles on the story…

CNN: New York Times: Daughters of foot doctor say he diagnosed Trump with bone spurs as ‘favor’ to Fred Trump

The HillReporter: Trump’s Bone Spur Diagnosis Also Appears to be Fraudulent, According to Doctor’s Family

The New York Times: Did a Queens Podiatrist Help Donald Trump Avoid Vietnam?