Blue State Revenge?

Blue State Revenge?

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By Michael Jay Tucker

Drop this in the “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold” file.

We’ve known now for some time that the Republican tax plan transfers much of the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle class and the poor. But there’s more. The GOP tax scheme is also meant to transfer wealth from Blue States (who voted for Clinton) to Red States (who voted for the GOP). In other words, it is a weapon, carefully crafted to punish those who didn’t vote Republican.

But there is a whole lot of danger in that, both for the nation as a whole, and for the Red States, and for the Republican Party.

For the nation, of course, the issue is that the Blue States have been and are now very much the drivers of the economy. It is in California, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, and so on that computer entrepreneurs and networking gurus and biotechnologists have been crafting the nation’s prosperity. It is they, far more than the 1% (much less Wall Street), who are the genuine job creators of the age.

If those states, and the economies within them, are crippled, then the nation as a whole is crippled. The country…all of it…suffers. The result being that everyone, and not just the Blue States and people who vote for Democrats, will find their paychecks shrinking.

It gets better…or worse, depending on your viewpoint. The Red States have been relying on Federal handouts for a very long time, now. They consume far more of the nation’s taxes than they pay into them. The Blue States, by contrast, pay more into the system than they consume. Thus, they have been supporting the Red States. If the Blue States have less cash to provide…i.e., can pay fewer taxes…then the Red States will suffer uniquely.

Which brings us to the Republican Party.

Writing in The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin submits for our approval, Blue states may get their revenge for the GOP tax bill. She notes that it isn’t only Democrats who live in Blue States. In fact most Blue States have “Purple” (i.e., mixed) electorates and, often, mixed Congressional delegations.

But, if the GOP’s tax scheme is as damaging as we think it is, then Republicans who do reside in places like California and Colorado are going to find their bills going up, and themselves getting little in return. That, in turn, could mean that Purple Electorates might go quite a bit more bluish.

Which could mean major changes in Congress as Republican Congressmen from Blue States are booted out for their treachery.

Which would make things interesting…wouldn’t you say?