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Biden For Secretary of State

From Rolling Stone: Biden Plummets Below Sanders and Warren for First Time in Major National Poll

But maybe there is another role of Biden.

If Joe Biden and his wife are willing to travel the world and meet with dignitaries, he should make a deal to support some form of a Warren/Sanders or a Sanders/Warren ticket and seriously consider being Secretary of State for them.  He would be excellent at that position.  Being Secretary of State after Donald Trump is going to be no small feat.  That will take someone with a lot of experience.

I think Warren and Sanders need to make an agreement to work with each other no matter what happens.  They are both qualified to be US President; making them both qualified to be a vice president.  What we don’t need is some last minute fracture of the party.  A Sanders/Warren or a Warren/Sanders ticket is the best bet in my opinion.  No reason to bring in some unknown name at the last minute.  To me the best bet is the three most popular candidates all getting high level positions in the next administration.  That way no matter what happens at least the candidates that are actually popular among the people will have some say in The United States government moving forward.  Then the United States might resemble something like a representative government.  




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