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Bernie Bros Didn’t Lose

Fascinating article over on the Jacobin, The Quiet Death of the “White Bernie Bro” Attack by Carl Beijer. In it, Beijer looks at how the media used to consistently insist that Bernie Sanders was un-electable because the “only” people who supported him were young, middle class, white males, a.k.a., the Bernie Bros. But, says Beijer, better data has proven that just isn’t the case. Sanders appeals to African-American voters and women as well.

He concludes that if the mainstream media and pundits were really honest, they would just admit that they didn’t care for Sanders’ message, and that the Bernie Bro was a kind of straw man argument built to attack him and his ideas.

There is a lot to be said for Beijer’s argument. But, maybe, to be fair, we should point out that it wasn’t just the media and pundits who said such things about Sanders and his “Bros.” Recall that some big league Democrats  made quite similar claims, and probably did so with precisely the same motivations.