Benghazi was the Witch Hunt - Liberal Resistance

Benghazi was the Witch Hunt

Part of me seriously wonders if the lengthy Benghazi investigation which never resulted in anything was an attempt to desensitize the American public to the gravity of an ongoing federal investigation?

As long as that investigation drug on for it makes me wonder how much those Republican senators got paid by Russia to continually investigate Hillary Clinton with absolutely no merit?

It is clear Russia didn’t want Hillary Clinton to win in 2016.   In my mind if those Republican senators kept investigating Hillary Clinton in exchange for foreign political contributions that sure sounds like treason to me.

The Mueller investigation has already resulted in so many guilty pleas that its hard to even keep track of it all.  Now that the Russian money via the NRA has dried up, I heard it has been so cold in Washington D.C. lately the Republicans have had their hands in their own pockets.