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Banking Fraud To Help Putin…and Der Drumpf

There is a fascinating article over on today on how a major western bank helped a very sleazy Russian character avoid all those pesky regulations designed to prevent white collar crime. In Here’s How A Major Western Bank Enabled A Suspected Russian Money Launderer, three BuzzField contributors examined the case of TD Bank, aided Denis Katsyv with major loans and several interesting money transfers. The kicker? Katsyv is a suspected money launder and a Kremlin crony.

Bluntly, it looks as if TD Bank helped the Russian and his pals move money in ways that could only be considered criminal. That’s a scary thing, given that Katsyv is close to people like Putin.

However, it is good news for the FBI investigation of Donald Trump. Notes the piece, “The documents are not only shaping the Russia investigation, they are also beginning to reveal a deeper pattern of behavior by Kremlin associates, who for years have moved their funds across the globe and tapped Western banks to wash their money. As a result, US authorities are learning more about the financial behavior of central figures such as Paul Manafort, the accused Russian agent Maria Butina, the billionaire real estate developer Aras Agalarov, and others.”

So, for the Trump White House, this could be a genuinely serious development.