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Ballad of Maxton

Trump Lumbee

When you get a moment, check out the Ballad of Maxton, written by Joe DeFilippo and performed by the R.J. Phillips Band. It is a terrific piece of music which celebrates the humiliation of the Ku Klux Klan at the hands of the Lumbee Indians in 1958. (Background: the Klansmen thought they could intimidate the Lumbee by holding a cross burning. Turned out that the Lumbee weren’t exactly intimidate-able, and beat the crap out of the unfortunate Klansmen. We’ve even written about it here.)

Now, Mr. DeFilippo and the J.J. Phillips Band has done a terrific piece of music recounting the tale. It’s also on the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s film, BlacKkKlansman!

So, definitely, give it a listen!



You can also check out the band’s music on soundcloud here.