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Persuade, Don’t Insult

Social Media is loaded with celebrities and common folks hurling curses and names at Trump. I do not give those posts a like and I certainly do not share them. I deplore Trump on a personal level for his failings as a decent human being and on the political level for his deplorable policies and…

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Socialism Isn’t A Sin

Editor’s note: Our friend William Albee recently saw the article Relax, Boomers: Socialism Is Good Now by Zach Carter which appeared in Huffpost. He agreed with its basic premise, and has expanded and explicated that premise below. We have a social contract in America that includes the safety net programs for the poor and unemployed,…

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Focus On The Leaders

Editor’s Note: Hate Liberals? Bite Me recently re-posted the above quote from David Simon to Facebook. Our own William Albee saw it and offers this elaboration and consideration. Many people strongly opposed the confirmation of Gina Haspel to CIA Director because she did not resist on moral grounds the interrogation methods deemed legal by the…

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And We Sell Still More Guns

animated GIF of flaming gun

Huffpost is reporting that Donald Trump is working to make it easier and cheaper for US gun manufacturers to sell their product overseas. His greed knows no bounds. Makes perfect sense to me that he is reducing the restrictions on the exportation of death so arms manufacturers and dealers can make a bloody buck. SAD!…

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A kidnapper takes hostages and then issues his demands – usually a large sum of money. It is not generally his intent to harm the hostages, but to have his demands met, he typically threatens to kill the hostages if his demands are not met; and if they are not met, the hostages are usually…

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A Bargain Foul…Or Fair?

Editor’s Note: Cesar Vargas has recently posted in HuffPost an indictment of the Democratic Party’s recent deal with the GOP to keep the government in operation. Vargas argues that this amounted to a betrayal of the Dreamers, i.e., “undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. However, our columnist William Albee strongly disagrees: I cannot…

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Dreamers Revisited

Michelle Lujan Grisham

I recently wrote a post entitled ” How Dems Can Immediately Save DACA.”  (See https://www.liberalresistance.net/dems-can-immediately-save-daca/) I argued that the Democrats should insist that the budget extension last week should include a provision requiring Homeland Security to accept renewal DACA applications, at least for the period of time of the budget extension.  That is what the Ninth…

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How Dems Can Immediately Save DACA

By Bill Albee and Van Newstrom How can the Democrats save DACA when the Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House?  There is a way and it can happen next week.   On Friday the 19th, Congress must pass a budget extension or the Government will shut down.  The Republicans know they need…

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When Kansas Rules The Globe

By William Albee Editor’s Note: The Trump administration has based its economic policy largely on the pseudo-libertarian theories of the Hard Right in American politics. This means that we have, now, a nation-wide version of the disastrous strategy which the Koch Brothers forced on Kansas, and which nearly bankrupted that state. In the follow commentary,…

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