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Delusion And Bigotry Within The Cult

By Thomas Hudson   Donald Trump’s election depended on bigotry, aided by a reinforcing cycle of ignorance.  As a candidate, Trump race-baited constantly and lied ceaselessly, yet with such repetition that those with only a marginal attachment to politics and the facts of a nation came to believe in his confidence and opted to forego even the…

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No, the Clinton Campaign did not Collude with Russia

By Thomas Hudson Upon the Washington Post’s report that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee helped pay for the Steele dossier, right-wing media went into a frenzy declaring that the Clinton campaign, and not Donald Trump, colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.  Such claims are complete hogwash.  The Clinton campaign did…

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Kid Rock Just Wants Publicity

By Thomas Hudson, President and Treasurer of Progressives for Prosperity Editor’s Note: With this issue of LR, we welcome a new contributor, Thomas Hudson, who is also the President and Treasurer of the organization, “Progressives for Prosperity.” Mr. Hudson’s background is in political science and economics, and we look forward to having his insightful commentary…

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