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Davina Vs. Goliath

(For the purpose of greater clarity and succinctness, I have excerpted sections and lightly edited a blog by Jonathan Cook on, 10/01/19)  She is a Ready-made Davina Confronting a Corporate Goliath. The sixteen-year old Swede, Greta Thunberg, and her generation are living on a dying planet, a planet the older generation – through their…

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GOP: Unraveling?

Let Us Hope that We Shall See the Unraveling of the Republican Party. Here’s a bit of history of what can happen to a political party through an unconscionable and impulsive act: Here is a political cartoon showing South Carolina Rep. Preston Brooks, a pro-slavery Democrat, nearly fatally caning Republican abolitionist, Massachusetts Sen. Charles Sumner,…

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An Apology (To Biden)

Editor’s note: Trump and his enablers have been spreading extremely well-constructed anti-Biden propaganda. Some of it has been dangerously convincing–so much so that even very thoughtful commentators have been fooled by it. Case in point: our own contributor, Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant, saw an article in The Hill that seemed to provide good evidence that…

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Trump and Netanyahu: Two Demagogues of Identical Stripe

1. Both, having committed criminal acts, are avoiding trial and possible imprisonment by virtue of their currently held high office, but fully cognizant that if either loses his re-election, the feared eventuality might become realized.   2. Both are self-portrayed leaders with global reach by meeting with  heads of nuclear-armed states; Trump, with Kim Jong…

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Off With His Head

“Off with his head!” said the King of Dark Hearts. “Off with President Xi Jinping’s head!” “Off with China’s head!” “Off with Fed Chairman Powell’s head!” Said the King of Magaland

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“No Lives Matter”

David Seidenberg of the Times Of Israel has a powerful new blog-entry about Trump. “Appalled at the loss of life on the border?” he asks. Don’t be. “Trump bragged that he could commit murder in broad daylight and win; we always knew he was this person” Seidenberg is also the creator of the above cartoon.

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Jewish, Judaism, Hebrew

Between the calendar dates of July 20 and August 8 of this year (referred to as “the three weeks of mourning”) which correspond (this year) to the Hebrew calendar dates of 17 Tammuz and 9 Av (Tisha b’Av) have a special meaning in the history of the Jewish People. In 70 C.E. imperial Rome breached…

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A Response to Howard Jacobson

by Rabbi Charles Familant Editor’s Note: Rabbi Familant wrote this note some time ago, but he feels that it is uniquely applicable today. We very much agree. Mr. Jacobson, I shall start with your rather provocative statement: “Rhetoric is precisely what has warped report and analysis these past months…’Massacre’ and ‘Slaughter’ are rhetorical terms. They…

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Virginia Beach: A Response

Virginia Beach et al: The following was my response to another friend: No simple answer to your question, Laurie. But five that come to mind are: 1) Not only simply effecting more gun control, but also taking steps to remove the proliferation of guns from our society. That means removing the profit incentive from gun…

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