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Video: When It Is All Over

  How will they deal, I wonder, with the historians of the future? In time, of course, Trump will fall. And then, how, I wonder, will the people who today support him justify themselves? How will they present themselves to those who will write the story of our age? How, that is, will they try…

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Video: Red Sun Rising

Desert 1

William Happer has left the White House along with his friend John Bolton. That is a very good thing. Happer is among the world’s leading climate change denialists. And the one thing we don’t need right now is one of those in any position of power.      

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Gahan Wilson

image source: Joe Mabel We learned with some sadness the other day of the passing of Gahan Wilson, the great cartoonist whose macabre humor and startling talent kept us amused since we first encountered him in the 1960s. His images were inevitably funny, yet also somehow terrifying. Perhaps not since Charles Adams have the fearsome…

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Video: To Hell With LR Net

Your humble editor is so tired of writing for LR NET that he could just about spit. But, that said, even when tRump’s gone, the problems that created him will remain. Until those are addressed, we may all of us have to stay on the job. This little video addresses that issue, and does so…

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Trump NOT The 2020 GOP Candidate?

Interesting article over on OpEdNews.com, Trump Will Not Be On the 2020 Ballot: Considerations for Stakeholders, by Rob Kall. In the piece, Kall argues that the GOP will dump Trump and try to keep the White House by running someone else. Seems unlikely, of course, but Kall thinks it will happen. He says that we…

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