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How To Lose Money On Tumblr

So this is amusing. You recall how Tumblr shut down all its “adult oriented” sites? Well, guess what. It was a huge mistake. Users scattered to the winds and now Verizon, which bought Yahoo, which had bought Tumblr, has had to sell the blogging site at fire sale prices. Specifically, Verizon has just passed it…

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Biden Still Rules?

Now here’s an interesting question from the Washington Post: If Biden is toast, why’s he still so far ahead? The piece goes on to say: “According to the conventional wisdom, Biden’s shaky performance in last month’s debate stripped the cloak of inevitability from his candidacy and wrapped it around … somebody else. Maybe Sen. Kamala…

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Bravo To Fake Seal Artist

So we still don’t know who really put up that fake presidential seal behind tRump, or why. But we do know who designed the seal. According to the Washington Post, it was Charles Leazott, “…[a]  46-year-old graphic designer threw it together after the 2016 presidential election — it was one part joke, one part catharsis.…

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Not What We Wanted, But Maybe What We Needed

Let us confess that Robert S. Mueller III’s performance was not what we wanted. We had hoped that he would be vital and eloquent, and, more importantly, that he would bring down Trump with some startling revelation of wrong-doing. In fact, he was not particularly stirring in his testimony (The Washington Post called him “Faltering.”)…

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Why Do We Loathe Him?

Fun article over on Quora the other day. Someone asked “Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump?” And here was a brilliant answer from “Chris O’Leary, former 10 years of Active Duty at U.S. Marine Corps (1989-2000).” Mr. O’Leary, who is anything but a Liberal Snowflake, goes into detail about just how much…

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