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To Russia with Love

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog The Russian military launched a covert cyber-assault on our 2016 US presidential election that helped Trump win. Now the Russians are actively influencing online discussions of issues and stirring up fights about issues such as the vaccine debate. I was a medic in the Army Reserves, and we vaccinated hundreds of new…

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John McCain’s Final Message…Never Quit and Never Surrender

…To the Russians and Trump                                    By Marc Keyser, In his last words to the American people, John McCain wanted us all to remember that we are Americans and we don’t quit or surrender to Trump and the Russians who control him. Donald Trump is coming off his worst week in office… and it’s…

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Harnessing the Power of Prayer to…

… Impeach Trump  BY Marc Keyser, The Trump’s Art Of The Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz warns that Trump is drowning, and he is going to try to take as many of us down with him as he can. Tony Schwartz✔@tonyschwartz Trump will be at his most dangerous and unstable in the weeks and months…

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Meme: Bring Him Down

We’re not normally big fans of prayer as a form of political action, but Marc Keyser notes that if you combine it with a little intelligent action… Might be worth trying, you know?

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Impeach Trump…With Our Prayers

by Marc Keyser, The      President Trump fired FBI director James Comey because Comey would not drop the Trump-Russia investigation… and that’s obstruction of justice. The Republican-controlled Congress said nothing and did nothing. Six of the seven people James Comey told about his meetings with Donald Trump and why Trump fired him have been…

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Shutdown Bank of America Instead

Trump Throws a Temper Tantrum And Threatens Government Shutdown Unless He Gets His Border Wall. Let’s Shut Down A Bank Or Two Instead   By Marc Keyser Congress will keep the government open. Congress will not fund Trump’s wall, and Congress will impeach Trump for treason. Why, because if they do not, we will shut…

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Ambush Wall Street!

By Marc Keyser Breaking News…This just in Micah White from Occupy Wall Street is calling for protests on Wall Street to shake the ground under them and send a message to Congress: Impeach Trump the traitor. On September 15 Ambush Wall Street We do not call lightly for revolution. Insurrection is traumatic. It requires great sacrifice.…

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Join the Protests at the White House by Phone

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog At the Helsinki Summit Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin, and he showed his true colors. Lawrence O’Donnell on NSNBC called Trump’s press conference in Helsinki “nothing short of treasonous.” Why was Trump cowering before Putin? The obvious explanation. Putting has been grooming Trump as an asset for years… lending him…

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Trump’s legitimacy as President thrown into doubt

by Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Bog       Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers in the attack on our election, and he’s just skimming the surface of the cesspool About the time Trump arrived to have tea with the Queen of England, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictment of 12 Russian military officers for crimes related…

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