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Antisocial Climbing

Famous idiot and current President Donald Trump is obsessed with building a wall along America’s Southern border. You might have heard him mention it in rallies, press conferences, tweets, and any time he feels like it, regardless of context. Now that Trump has released prototypes of his wall and declared it impossible to climb, professional…

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Rudy: Stop Your Messing Around

There is so much that goes unadressed about the Trump administration – a good portion of which is down to the suspiciously Russian-invented process called “firehosing,” where a constant stream of lies and disinformation and occasional truths means that nobody has time to fact check anything before the next falsehood springs up. With that being…

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Reality Bites

Man oh man, I would not want to be Donald Trump right now. In fact, there’s no point in history where any sane person would want to be Donald Trump, but even if you were seized by a perverse desire to become a fat orange rapist with an easy-punchline hairdo grappling futilly with senility, this…

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British Embarrassment.

 If the UK press is to be believed (and it seldom is) the “special relationship” between Britain and the US may be hanging in tatters. A leaked memo from Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the United States, has apparently shown that Darroch referred to the Trump White House as “dysfunctional… faction-riven… diplomatically clumsy…

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UK and European News.

Although it’s entirely subjective, I think the funniest event in human history happened on February 3rd, 1969, when Allen Funt boarded a plane. Funt –  whose name is already objectively funny – was the host of Candid Camera, the hidden camera show that played pranks on the public. Unbeknownst to him or anyone else, two…

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The Stepford Babushkas

Much like an accident from which you can’t turn away – or an idiot staring at the sun – I’ve been looking at social media again. Even though I shouldn’t. Among the many depressing things that caught my attention (such as Texas being so “pro-life” they’ll execute anyone who isn’t) was an amusing failed Tweet…

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