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Brexit Crystal Ball

One of the many, many unpleasant things about the rightwards trend in modern politics is that we have to engage with things we’d rather not. The Nazis were unpleasant enough when they were just the bad guys in an Indiana Jones movie; now that they’re walking through the streets with placards it’s all a bit…

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An Interview With The Next Republican Candidate, A Being Of Unspeakable Evil!

In increasingly divided political times, it’s important to try to find common ground. A frequent criticism of modern politics is that it has become too entrenched and that people tend to exist inside political bubbles. With this in mind, I decided to make a concerted effort to understand the other side. After all, Republicans can’t…

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Gaslighting and Gas Chambers

If you’re unlucky enough to have ever had to deal with a pathological liar, you’ll probably be familiar with the term “gaslighting.” It’s named for the 1938 play (and subsequent movies) “Gas Light,” in which an emotionally abusive husband tries to drive his wife to madness, initially by constantly changing the lighting conditions in their…

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There’s a point, way early in the morning, where you realise that the eastern sky has turned to blue. It’s not dawn – dawn comes later. But there’s a certain point where you realise that dawn is on its way. Tonight feels like that. Because this isn’t some glorious feminist sunrise where all women will…

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