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Rebel Rampage Savages Russian Agent #45

Rebel Rampage is a cool and super-edgy protest rock group that does songs attacking the Trump administration in all its gristly horror. They have just released a new single that everybody should check out. Red Star, with Fishbone’s Angelo Moore is now on Youtube as well as the group’s own site. Give it a listen.…

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The GOP = Titanic + Iceberg

You ever drop a soda bottle in the water and hear it go gurgle, gurgle, gurgle as it goes down? Well, that’s the sound you may be hearing from the GOP come the midterms. According to the Washington Post, even Mitch (rhymes with rich) McConnell is worried. In Shipwreck: GOP grows fearful about losing Senate…

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Orwell Would Be Proud Of The B*stard

As if the illicit regime of Donald (“Shithouse”) Trump wasn’t already Orwellian enough, it seems Trump’s version of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is working on a system that would allow the Orange One to directly text to pretty much every phone in America. In other words, he could sit and shit on his…

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Manafort Flips Like A Rat On A Trampoline

According to multiple news sources, President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is pleading guilty Friday to two criminal charges under terms of a plea deal that includes his cooperation as a potential witness for special counsel Robert S. Mueller. In other words, Manafort has “flipped,” and will testify against his former master. The story…

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