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East Coast Friends: Please Be Careful!

To all our friends…and even our enemies…on the East Coast, please be careful with this storm. Hurricane Florence is no joke (see the video below). If you’ve been asked to evacuate, please do so. And no matter where you are, take cover and don’t do anything stupid. Whether you agree with us or not in…

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Son Of A Damn…Divot

From Robert Reich’s Instagram page. On one side, we have the nation mourning John McCain. On the other side, what the Drumpf did that day. Says it all, doesn’t it?

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Impeachment 2018

If you’re like us, or even if you’re just a rational human being, then the news of the last few weeks has been fairly shattering. Trump’s closest associates, like Manafort and Cohen, have been convicted of serious crimes, and (in the case of Cohen) revealed things about Trump himself that should end the career of…

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Read The Emails The GOP Doesn’t Want You To See

Earning himself a place in the history books as a true American patriot and hero, Senator Cory Booker has released emails relating to Brett Kavanaugh, Der Drumpf’s perfectly ghastly nominee for the Supreme Court. The GOP was dead set against their release — probably because they reveal Kavanaugh to be an inept racist. Fortunately, Booker…

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Liberals and Leftists: Not Friends, But Maybe Allies

There is an interesting piece on the Current Affairs site that we might all want to look at. In The Difference Between Liberalism and Leftism, the magazine’s editor, Nathan J. Robinson, gives us a reasoned and thoughtful examination of the difference between Liberals and Progressives, or Leftists, as he calls them. His conclusion is that…

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