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45: The Resignation?

You’ve probably already seen this, but a short while back Alan J. Steinberg, a former Bush advisor, wrote an oped piece in which he suggested Trump would resign at some point in 2019. Steinberg argued that, eventually, so much evidence of Trump’s wrong-doing would appear, and with a Democratic House to boot, he’d have the…

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Bye-Bye, Laura!

So if you haven’t heard, several news outlets are reporting that Laura Ingraham’s show has been taken off the air…after her advertisers figured she was as toxic as plutonium. You’ll recall that dear, dear Laura is a hyper-conservative twit who mocked the Parkland survivors, implied that the Clintons had something do with a few murders,…

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Mitt Romney & Never Trump

By this time, everyone on earth has probably heard about Mitt Romney’s fascinating oped in the Washington Post in which he basically calls Drumpf a complete waste of human life. But, just the same, it is worth looking at his piece. He says some important things — like 45 should be no where near the…

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Dreaming of a White Congress

The Parody Project is a musical “group” that regularly puts out hysterically funny parody musical videos lampooning Trump and his merry band of idiots. And they’ve got a new work to offer on Youtube. Be sure to check out “Dreaming Of A White Congress,” based on (obviously) White Christmas. And don’t forget you can support…

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Cybersecurity For 2019

As we enter new year, we all should consider our cybersecurity. Our computers and our links to the web are increasingly vital to our lives. But in an age of Russian Trolls and Republican Hackers, it is good idea to review your security precautions at least once each 12 months. To that end, there is…

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