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Renewables Muscling Fossils Aside

Renewable energy is getting so much cheaper than fossil fuels that the Oil and Coal industry can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s oncoming train. From Salon: Giant batteries and cheap solar power are shoving fossil fuels off the grid

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Alaska Is Melting

If someone tells you that global warming is a hoax, point them at this article from Mashable: Alaska’s sea ice has completely melted away The article goes on to say, “The most rapidly changing state in the U.S. has no sea ice within some 150 miles of its shores, according to high-resolution sea ice analysis from…

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Trump-speech is deadly

From The Atlantic: Trump’s Words Are Poison “The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.” All too true.

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When Being Green Is Blood Red

From Scientific American: Environmental Activists Have Higher Death Rates Than Some Soldiers “Killings of those protecting nature are highest in countries with corruption and weak rule of law” Being green can get you killed in many parts of the world.

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The GOP Is The Reason For The Dying

From GQ: America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic Is the Result of Republican Minority Rule, “A clear majority of Americans and Democrats support stricter gun control—the GOP has been blocking it for decades, and the results have been murderous.” About time somebody said that.

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Guns, Not Video Games, Cause Mass Shootings

animated GIF of flaming gun

From Psychology Today: The Evidence that Video Games Lead to Violence Is Weak Republicans and the NRA (National Russia Association) would like you to blame video games for mass shootings. In fact, the evidence is for lack is lacking. Frankly, guns do kill people…

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Trump Property Investigated?

We know that Trump properties are regularly using undocumented workers, the very people Trump and his enablers are making public enemy number one. But there haven’t been too many raids on Trump worksites by ICE folks. So, how come border control people aren’t making more of an effort to enforce the law? Well, according to…

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Putin’s At It Again…and worse.

From New York Magazine: Russian Election Hacking in 2020 Could Easily Be Much Worse Than 2016 Yep. We sort of had that one figured. Particularly now that Trump and MoscowMitch are working so hard to help their pal Putin.

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