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Repeating History

By Elle Pepper I’ve noticed a trend, history is repeating. And we, the people are the only ones who can stop it. We are barreling full-tilt towards a second Korean War. Now as bad as it was the first time, there is a real possibility this could trigger a global conflict. So I’m doing this…

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What is Kim Jong-Un Doing?


History lesson, the us does not have a peace treaty with DPRK. What was signed was an armistice. It is basically a cease fire agreement and a document that outlines the terms for release of POW’S. It also set up the borders of DPRK as the 38th parallel and installed a DMZ. Furthermore, it restricted…

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The Cult of Kim Jong-un

The people saying that North Korea isn’t crazy and doesn’t have a death wish are half right. While it may be true the people may be starving, and turning against Kim Jong Un (KJU), you must also remember that DPRK is more cult than country. They believe he is a God, that he is their…

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America’s Reichstag Fire

What is a Reichstag Fire? And why do I believe we are heading for one? Let me explain. I’ll start by defining my terms. Historically, it was the fire of the German parliament building that consolidated Hitler’s power. But in modern life…The term “Reichstag Fire” is used by some writers to denote a calamitous event…

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Trump Is Marching Us To War

I promised to tell you why I think war is in the offing from Donald Trump. So, here we go. The first step is to isolate the country you are targeting to attack. In this case, North Korea has done it for us. The sanctions are just for show. Then you load the “protecting” country…

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Trump Will Do Anything to Stay in Power

We are being led into a war. Mark my words, Donald Trump will find a reason to strike first. Be it an “oops we thought that was aimed at us” or an “oops our war machine misfired and we didn’t mean it.” Or any one of a hundred other scenarios to force congress. But why…

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