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Pondering the Future

With so many negative events in our lives these days, it’s not easy to sort through it all and organize it into some kind of logical treatise.  Especially when one of my advanced age whose utterances can bring a dismissal like, “Oh, don’t bother with what she has to say, old people are out of…

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by Elaine Burgess Have you voted yet?  I voted at one of the early voting sites yesterday.  The ballot was long, but the line to get in was not.  Almost all the people voting had gray hair; one person was in a wheelchair and another who was about 19 years old was being herded by his mother.  Since…

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By Elaine Burgess Deb Haaland’s campaign headquarters are located in a small, modest stucco house adjacent to Nob Hill and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I arrived a bit early for our appointment. She was coming out the front door as I ascended the steps, headed out for a short walk around the…

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An Encounter

Recently I took Uber from San Jose to San Francisco.  The driver was a 31 year old black guy who had endured a rocky home life in Arizona and California.  I usually don’t talk politics with someone I don’t know, but made an exception in his case. When I asked him what he thought of…

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