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Hey Kamala you lost me

By Dave McElhaney   Last year during the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Mark Zuckerberg  dodged questions for 10 hours. This included the famous catch phrase  after Utah’s senator Hatch asked him, “How do you sustain a business model  when Facebook is free?”  “Senator we run adds,” said Zuckerberg smirking. But it was Kamala Harris who did the best job of…

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He told us Mexico would pay for the Wall

“Are you ready?” Trump told a cheering crowd in Arizona during his 2016 campaign trail. “We will build a great wall along the southern border and Mexico will pay for that wall,” He also added. “It will go up so fast your head will spin.” Now during this Trump imposed shutdown he’s singing a different…

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My Advice For Michael Cohen

“My loyalty for Trump is deep and un-wavering” he said. “I’d never walk away. He’s one man who wants to do so much good but has so many detractors.” This is an excerpt from an article in Vanity Fair magazine written by Emily J. Fox dated September 6, 2017. Its title was “Michael Cohen would…

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This Midterm, Vote For The Dems!

by Dave McElhaney There’s a radio station here in New Mexico that I listen to which plays rare oldies I like, but it also comes with a political agenda. Their version of the news consists of mostly whitewashing Trump and the occasional vilification of Democratic senators. I found out where the station’s political leanings were…

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The Summer of 82 Boy Gets The Job

If you’ve never been fired, good for you. But if like many of us you have, you know it usually isn’t a great feeling. It’s not as bad as some things in life, but it’s better to hear “you’re hired” than, “you’re fired.” Speaking of “you’re fired,” it’s been a catch-phrase of Trump since the…

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The Trump Taj Mahal Factor

Ask a Trump supporter where their “deal- maker” president made his mark and they’ll probably cite Manhattan real estate. But the truth is Donald Trump’s past has more to do with Atlantic City New Jersey than anywhere else. Donald Trump started making a name for himself back in 1982 when construction began on Trump plaza…

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