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Trump Giant Baby Balloon in London

Thursday, 7/5/2018, the Mayor of London has given activists permission to fly a Trump giant baby balloon high in the air, very close to the UK Parliament during President Trump’s visit to London this coming week. The locals and many political officials in the UK aren’t happy about his coming to visit and there is…

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Trump and His War on Immigrants

Over the past couple months we’ve seen the Trump administration implement a zero tolerance policy at the US’ southern border. This has caused us to watch the unlawful detainment of people looking for asylum here in the US, and the kidnapping of their children as well as the placement of these children in kiddie concentration…

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Trump Merging Departments of Labor and of Education

Bad Education

In an attempt to streamline the federal government, and as part of their “Drain the Swamp” agenda, the Trump administration has proposed merging the labor department and the department of education. “The sweeping reorganization proposal, which was formally unveiled during the president’s Cabinet meeting Thursday, is the result of an order signed by Trump in…

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Trump Concentration Camps

President Trump has a new “zero tolerance policy” for migrants crossing the border for shelter in the United States. Siting quotations from the bible, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a speech to police officers in Fort Wayne, Ind., cited Romans 13, imploring his “church friends” to remember the Bible passage that directs the faithful to…

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Trump Might try to Pardon Himself

President Trump decided to have another Twitter-tantrum again this morning, claiming that the appointment of the special counsel in the Russia investigation is “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” This is obviously not true and the appointment of this special counsel is warranted and welcome by all real Americans so that we can get the truth to finally come…

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Christian Nationalists Trying to Merge Church and State

Christian Nationalists have a new cause to fight for in that they are trying to take over our government, or at least place Christian Nationalists in key positions in our government where they can have heavy influence. It’s called “Project Blitz” and it essentially is a plan to join church and state. This is an…

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