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Video: Why Trump Supporters Abandon Him

Our friend Chris Madsen alerted us to this very powerful video from NowThisPolitics. It offers quick statements from former Trump supporters who now oppose him. All of them voted for the man because he promised to bring jobs back to America. What they soon discovered was that the only job he really cared for was…

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America needs Entrepreneurs

It makes me wonder if in combating the billion dollar scale economy if we don’t need more entrepreneurs to do things better and treat the workers and independent contractors better.  Like a Lyft or Uber that charges a $1 or $2 flat fee and the rest of the fare goes to the drivers.  People may…

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Part 2: Basic Allowance for Living

by Chris Madsen I decided I should to write a second piece on the Basic Allowance for Living (BAL).  If you haven’t already read the first piece you may want to now so the following makes more sense.  The whole point of that first article was people need to be paid AT LEAST enough to…

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MAGA: 3/5ths Compromise

Senate Republicans are absolutely dumbfounded at the radical Democratic idea floating around that all people in this country should be allowed to vote, without voter suppression, or even without extensive gerrymandering.   This led to lots of discussion going on behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.  Topics ranged from how if we let more black…

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Climate Change Migrations

Desert 1

I’ve  been reading recently about how the now “dry corridor” in Guatemala and Honduras has caused the recent migrations of people out of Central America.  After 5 years of subsistence farming in drought conditions some people have given up  trying to live there anymore. What I would like to add to this discussion is that now …

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USA: The Stupid or Mind Controlled?

I’m still trying to figure this one out… Are 40% of Americans really that stupid that they would constantly vote against their own interests?  Or have 40% just been that sucessfully mind controlled? Either way it isn’t good, but to move forward maybe we need to know what the problem is?  Maybe 4G can only…

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Trump’s on Defense

This is my subjective opinion; Trump seems to have officially lost his offensive position.  We spent the last 2 years with him rambling on like the incoherent psychopath that he is, all while him being held accountable for nothing because Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.  I’ve even personally seen a schizophrenic speak in strange…

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Basic Allowance for Living (BAL)

I was just thinking that the standard tax deduction should be a Basic Allowance for Living (BAL). A full time minimum wage could also be set at that Basic Allowance for Living at the federal level.  States or cities could still choose a higher BAL if they feel it necessary based on the local economy.…

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Exploited America

The Republican Party is making no efforts anymore to even disguise the fact they only work for the 1% and anyone with enough money to lobby (*cough, cough, BRIBE) them.  So in my mind it really begs the question of why do people who aren’t in the 1% still vote in a way that is…

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