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Nazi America?

The Nazi States of America is closer than many think. There’s no word to describe this video from other than America has gone insane.  About the only thing that can be done is for people to take to the streets to mass protest.  Sooner is better than later.  Many Americans seem too preoccupied to…

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Annex Greenland!

I’m surprised the president hasn’t just decided to annexed Greenland. I mean there’s only 50,000 some inhabitants, and they are peaceful. The US military could easily overpower them. It’s also FREE to just annex Greenland. Why pay for something when you can just illegally annex it through your own domestic law. Get the United States…

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#MoscowMitch: Russian Assest

This video does an excellent job explaining all that Moscow Mitch has done to help Russia.  He’s currently working on making our economy dependent on Russia so we can’t sanction Russia or its oligarchs.   Mahalo, Rachel Maddow for helping explain what has been going on to the American people and how Russia has been…

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Trickle Up Economics

Here’s an economic policy that would actually work.  How about the people at the top stop pissing on people below them and telling them it’s raining and start dealing in the world of actual economics and not fantasy.   When workers or even retirees are paid a decent wage that allows them to actually be…

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The Green Skyscraper

As we move closer to a Green New Deal that will hopefully help us revolutionize the economy.  I came up with the concept of the Green Skyscraper to try and help solve some of our societal ills.  Currently, we allow billionaires to build skyscrapers and that does absolutely nothing to help cure any of society’s…

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Even Rome Fell

In the time since this “President” has taken office and isolated the United States from the entire rest of the world by destroying the United States’ relationships with its allies, the UN has spoken out that Hawaii is still considered militarily occupied by the United States. The United States (just like Rome did) has amassed…

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