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Atlantic Says He’s Unfit

Nice article over on the Atlantic’s web site this week, Unfit To Command by David Frum. In it, Frum looks at all Donald Trump’s shortcomings and comes to the conclusion that he is flat-out incapable of running a country. Or, as he puts it, “Even if he’s offering to take you to church, you don’t get into a car with a drunken driver. That same caution should operate with Trump, even if you might otherwise approve any particular decision that emerges from his administration.”

It is a terrific and well-written piece. The kicker? Just because it is true doesn’t mean that anyone in the GOP dominated Congress will do anything about it. We now find ourselves in the fantastic position of being (to use Mr. Frum’s transportation metaphor) the passengers on a ship that is skippered by a maniac. But, when we try to stop a disaster from happening, the aforesaid maniac’s officers and a significant fraction of his crew line up to stop us.

As such, we are guessing that nothing will happen… nothing!…until the November elections, or until something so awful happens that even servile GOP Congressmen knows they have to do something or face their own destruction.

Stress there on their own destruction.

They’ve already proved, time and again, that they couldn’t care less if the rest of the country goes down the tubes.