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Arizona Republican Says US Not White Enough

Ever wonder on what is really behind the appeal of Trump to a certain class of Americans. You can stop wondering, now. An Arizona State Rep., David Stringer, has just been caught on video saying that America has to stop immigration, and now, or America won’t be a white country any more. “Sixty percent of students” in Arizona’s schools are already non-white, he laments. If that trend keeps on going, we’ll be (shudder) brown. “There aren’t enough white kids to go around,” he says.

The story is being reported in The Hill. Apparently, Stringer’s Democratic challenger found the video on Stringer’s own Facebook page and reposted it. You can see it in the embedded player below.

But the significance of this story, other than that Stringer is apparently a racist and dumb enough to say so in a public forum, is that it reveals a great deal about what drives the Trump voter. It’s not economics, it’s not foreign policy, it isn’t really anything to do with politics in the normal manner.

It is terror…

A fundamental terror that, someday, not too long from now, this won’t be our Caucasian America any more…

And that terrifies the Deplorables more than words can say.