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Anti-Semitism Not The Issue

Check out this article over on the Intercept, Republicans and Democrats Say Their Criticism of Ilhan Omar Is About Anti-Semitism. They’re Gaslighting You by Mehdi Hasan. In it, Hasan notes the furious attacks that have recently descended on Rep. Omar because of her remarks regarding the power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Her mere suggestion that maybe, just maybe, AIPAC has a bit too much influence in Washington resulted in storms of protest and accusations of anti-Semitism.

He notes that the Omar’s comments were pretty benign, really. By contrast, consider the things that mainstream Democrats and Republicans have said of late –ranging from Trump’s praise of Neo-Nazis to the Congressional attacks on George Soros as a “globalist,” which is code for international Jewish banker.

His point is that the attacks on Omar look like purest hypocrisy — made all the more grotesque by the fact that Omar herself been religion- and race-baited by the GOP.



Editor’s Note: Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant also covers this issue in Ilhan Omar vs the AIPAC Lobby – Davida and Goliath