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Shades of the Viet Nam war Demonstrations…

Students Walkout of schools chanting “Hey, hey
NRA, how many kids did you kill today?”

by Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog


Upwards of a million students nationwide walked out of their schools on Wednesday to protest gun violence on the one-month anniversary of the Parkland massacre. Some of them chanting, “Hey, hey, NRA how many kids did you kill today?”

The NRA boycott is beginning to sound a lot like the student protests against the war in Viet Nam. Except the activists are high school students, and their tactics are more high tech.

The National School Walkout To End Gun Violence is a preamble to the nationwide March for Our Lives coming up on March 24. Students are planning on holding rallies in Washington, D.C., and cities across the country to “demand that a comprehensive and effective bill be brought before Congress to address gun issues.”

“Today was wonderful. Today was important. Today was historical. But sadly, today was not enough,” reads a post on the March for Our Lives website in the wake of Wednesday’s school walkouts. “That is why 10 days from today we’re going to March and demand change… From walkouts, we march on.” —

While crowds of people participated in walkouts on Wednesday calling for action against gun violence, the NRA made its stance known.

Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA (the political and lobbying arm of the NRA), tweeted out an image of an AR-style assault weapon, with the message, “I’ll control my own guns, thank you.” He claims that gun control activists are “blaming good honest people for the acts of murderers.”

False. The students and parents are blaming representatives in Congress for taking bribes from the NRA to systematically block common-sense gun control. Underage minors should not be allowed to purchase assault weapons over the counter with back-ground checks that apparently don’t check much of anything—


NRA’s Dana Loesch went berserk on Fox News attacking Parkland students. She blasted the March for Our Lives student walkout and insisted that nearly everyone except the NRA was to blame for the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Loesch asserted that she would not attack “anyone” for expressing their First Amendment right to free speech, and then she proceeded to attack Democratic leaders and the Women’s March for participating in Wednesday’s March for Our Lives. “Gun control…let’s be clear — gun control wouldn’t have prevented what happened yesterday. What would have prevented this massacre is the FBI following up on the two tips [on the shooter].”

“People like [Sheriff Scott Israel] are in the position and that is their sworn duty to make sure they follow [leads]. That’s what they should be doing! Not blaming mothers like me and law-abiding gun owners across America!”

In fact, a new Florida gun control law that raises the age to buy a rifle to 21 would have prevented the 19-year-old Parkland shooter from purchasing the assault weapon he used to kill 17 people.

How do police enforce gun laws that are not passed into law? How can the police confiscate guns in the hands of a disturbed teenagers who purchased them legally? Minors cannot purchase alcohol, why should minors purchase assault weapons?


The Student Phone Protest was the shot heard around the world

These “non-professional” teenage student activists launched a Phone Protest against First National Bank of Omaha to force them to cancel the National Rifle Association credit cards. They used social media to activate people from all over the country to join in calling and cutting off the bank’s telecommunications.

First National Bank caved after a few days.

Students and supporters targeted a bank doing business with the NRA with a blockchain phone protest. They started calling and spreading the word on social media. The growing multitude of calls to the bank quickly began to block the lines and disrupt business. First National Bank surrendered without a fight and cancelled the NRA visa cards.

The denial of service attack on the bank had a domino effect on corporations with ties to the NRA. United Airlines, Delta, Best Western and First National Bank of Omaha — have joined the NRA boycott because they might want to avoid this grief on their phones, crippling their communications, costing them money.

The Phone Protest was perfectly peaceful and utterly devastating.

No injuries, no broken windows, no riot police in the streets, no clouds of tear gas, no bloody beatings, and no arrests just a flood of incoming calls. The level of calls was estimated at around 4 thousand a day. Apparently, First National Bank realized that the 4 thousand calls could easily become 400 thousand calls, which could become 4 million calls a day, which could destroy their reputation and their business.

Apparently, the bank owners wisely realized that if they let the denial of service attack continue, it could grow exponentially and damage their business. The First National Bank of Omaha knew they were in a no-win situation, and they had already lost.


The Student Phone Protest is a blockchain.

Teenagers armed with smartphones are incredibly adept at computer technology and social networking. Protesting by smartphone is their forte. A phone protest is decentralized and cannot be turned off or shut down by the authorities because the police simply cannot arrest millions of consumers who call or who might call a business open to the public.


The Riot Police cannot break up a growing great multitude of callers.

The police cannot cordon off the phones. The police cannot answer the phones for the bank. The authorities could shut down the phone system to try and save Bank of America… and leave the nation in the dark. The government could shut down the internet to try and save Bank of America… and disrupt business, commerce and communications nationwide with catastrophic consequences.

There’s no way for the bank to screen incoming calls, when the deluge of calls jams the system and begins to block incoming calls. The bank cannot force customers to leave their money in the bank as panic sets in.

Ad the Phone Protest makes the news and goes viral on the Internet, it expands exponentially. Four thousand callers can quickly become four hundred thousand callers that will become 4 million callers. The more activists call and spread the word on social media, the more protesters will join in calling and spreading the word on social media… here in the U.S. and around the globe. The more news and rumors on the Internet of the possible danger of the bank collapsing and people losing money, the more people will want their money out.

As people with money in the bank start moving their money to other banks, it will set off a run on the bank. As stock holders will start selling their stock, it will crash the bank’s stock, which will create panic selling on Wall Street.

First National Bank of Omaha suffered a resounding defeat; and the students won a stunning victory.

This newfound power to block the phones at a banking institution has been underestimated by the students… perhaps because they still don’t realize how much damage it could have done to the bank, and because it was too easy? The Student Phone Protest was child’s play.

March for Life on March 24.

If you’re marching, march and call Bank of America at the same time,

If you can’t make it to Washington, you can still make a difference. All you have to do is call the bank and social network to activate other activists to join in calling Bank of America.

Or be a couch-potato-phone protester and call between Tweets.

The ideal target for the next Student Phone Protest against the NRA would be Bank of America… because that’s where the real Money and Power is.

Bank of America is a monster. They are an icon, a symbol of the greed on Wall Street and a corrupting influence of campaign contributions on Congress.

Call Bank of America in Florida 954-227-6696 by the thousands.

Call and tell them you won’t bank at Bank of America until Congress passes common-sense gun laws and limits campaign contributions.

Call and overload the phones and disrupt business at Bank of America just like students called and disrupted business at First National Bank… only on a much larger scale.

Demonstrate in front of the nearest branch of Bank of America. Line up and go inside the bank. Tell them you won’t bank there, and keep customers waiting.

Social network on Twitter and Facebook. Activate people to call Bank of America/Merrill Edge. Expose Bank of America for their criminal corporate behavior and their massive political contributions that corrupt our representatives in Congress.

Bank of America is far bigger than First National, far more influential on Wall Street and in Congress, and at the same time far more vulnerable to a Student Phone Protest.

Shutdown Bank of America, and it will trigger and run on the bank, crash their stock, cause a meltdown on Wall Street, and unleash a hurricane of public outrage on Congress.

The longer Bank of America holds out, the greater the risk that stock holders and depositors will panic and start a run on the bank… which Bank of America, Wall Street, and Congress can ill afford.

When Student Protesters take to the phones calling Bank of America, the financial damage to the bank can quickly become unsustainable and the pressure on Congress unbearable.

Bank of America will divest. They will no longer own Merrill Edge and use the money people put in the bank for safe keeping to play the stock market. Bank of America will stop making campaign contributions to buy politicians and corrupt our political system. Bank of America will publicly encourage Congress to pass common sense gun reform.

Congress will pass gun control legislation and place limits on the obscene campaign contributions special interest groups like the NRA and Bank of America routinely make to bribe our representatives; or Congress runs the risk of Bank of America going bankrupt, triggering a run on the bank, crashing their stock on Wall Street, causing an economic melt-down, and unleashing a nationwide public backlash against Congress.

Speak to those in power from a position of power

The America dream of Democracy is a government of the People, by the People and for the People. A government based on the consent of the Governed where our elected representatives work for the common good and are not bought off with campaign contributions from the likes of the NRA.

Our government will represent the People, only when we the People rise up and put an end to campaign contributions from Special Interests to ensure our represents are no long paid political prostitutes serving best the special interests that contribute most.

My generation has failed.

The adults have grown comfortable with and accustomed to the rich and power buying our representatives, corrupting in our government, turning Washington into a den of thieves and America into a welfare state for the rich.

The new generation of teenagers is doing what our generation has failed to do. They’re taking to the streets and to the phones in protest. They’re standing up for Democracy and taking on the NRA and the government… and they are winning.

The Student Phone Protest forced First National Bank of Omaha to surrender without a fight. We can just as easily call and put business at Bank of America on hold and create a financial crisis on Wall Street until Congress passes common-sense gun control and limits campaign contributions. All we have to do is pitch in and start call Bank of America to help these Young Americans clean up the corruption in highest levels of our government.

We must no longer remain silent.

Let us join these spirited teenagers and dedicate ourselves to calling and putting business at Bank of America on hold, until Congress answers to the People and starts to serves the common good. Congress will cut all ties with the NRA and limit campaign contributions from special interest.

The President and Congress are public servants. We the people are the supreme power in our government. We must hold our elected officials to account. They must be made to serve the common good for all Americans… not just the special interest bribing them with obscene campaign contributions.

We must stand behind these young people who are standing up for our Constitutional rights that we adults have failed to defend. We must join them in saying loud and clear to those in power: “We do not consent!”

Marc Keyser