Another Brick In The Wall - Liberal Resistance

Another Brick In The Wall

by Eugene Maes

How do I begin to talk about Trump, the Wall, and the $14 billion required to build the wall to protect our borders?

Well, I could begin by noting that Paul Ryan stated on CNN that the Wall is itself a national security risk that needs to be addressed sooner than later.  But the real issue remains Trump himself. He may not have kept a lot of his campaign promises, but he has indeed given us a real the security risk—putting us in danger every time he opens his mouth, alienating us from every country we call trade partners, allies including Mexico. And still, somehow, he thinks the Mexican government will pay for it all, even when the former Mexican President has made a video stating that the United States “will not get a dime from us.”

Trump is running this country as badly as he ran his own businesses!  How many times did he go bankrupt? One too many times.  I see bankruptcy in our near future , and we will have to beg other countries to bail us out and selling more of the United States to foreign powers like a prostitute needing to make money, and in my eyes Trump is nothing but a high priced pimp prostituting the United States as a high priced ho, and Washington D.C. is the street corner!