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The Annoying Ms. Rubin

If “conservatives” in the U.S. are known for one thing, it is their
sedulous quest to avoid taking any responsibility for anything. This
is built into Christianity, of course, which has a magic sky daddy
always at hand who allegedly created this whole mess and who therefore
can take the blame for our multitude of faults.

The Donald, of course, is now the leading exemplar of this
“conservative” bad habit. He never admits any mistake. If the press
reports on his obvious errors, he cries, “fake news.” Trump is the
perfect “conservative.”

This bad habit has only become more obvious and more annoying among
the few “conservatives” who suddenly remember some of the ideas of
real conservatism and notice that the Donald violates pretty much
every principle of their supposed political philosophy, and therefore
take to the public airwaves to denounce him.

Um, you helped create him. Your whining now is too little, too late.

Perhaps the most annoying example of this phenomenon at the moment is
Jennifer Rubin, the token “conservative” columnist at the Washington
Post. Talk about an affirmative action hire. Clearly less than fully
qualified. She wantonly smears her stupidity all over the public
debate on a regular basis.

Most recently, she tweeted, “Why isn’t attempting to fire Mueller
already and in and of itself grounds for impeachment?”

The short answer it, it is. It is obstruction of justice, or attempted
obstruction of justice, very much like the crime that Nixon committed,
resulting in articles of impeachment against him emerging from the
House Judiciary Committee and prompting him to resign to avoid removal
from office via impeachment.

The longer answer to her stupid question, which she should not have
asked because she won’t like the answer, is that the only reason why
the House is not already impeaching the so called president is that
her fellow “conservatives,” the Republicans who control the House of
Representatives, refuse to do so. Democrats have offered articles of
impeachment and called for a vote on them, but of course the
Republicans all voted against. Several Democrats also voted against,
presumably strategically, knowing they would not pass.

At the moment, I see no reason to think that the Republicans will
impeach the Donald as long as they control Congress. He is the logical
outcome of their policies and politics since Nixon of encouraging the
white supremacist rump with dog whistle racism while pursuing policies
that harm that rump, who are too stupid to notice. The only difference
is that the Donald is notably explicit about his racism, but the rubes
think his tax cut is going to help them. They believed him when he
said he was going to bring coal back. But they’re mostly Christians,
so they like magical thinking.

As long as he keeps signing their bad bills, they have no reason to
impeach him. Since he neither knows nor cares a whit about policy,
he’ll keep signing their bad bills as long as someone on his staff can
convince him that doing so is a win for him personally, which isn’t
hard, since he’s dumb as a post.

It is nauseating to see “conservatives” like Rubin now try to rescue
any shred of intellectual respectability by suddenly noticing what a
disaster their president is, after they participated in the project of
over 40 years to elect the Donald, or someone very like him.

Those of us who have long suffered from Republican policies are simply
continuing our long standing opposition to them. We don’t need to
engage in desperate hypocrisy to try to rescue our intellectual
credibility because we never lost it by participating in a forty year
campaign of moral and political bankruptcy.

Ms. Rubin is very lucky that someone at the Post apparently likes her
and is willing to pay her for her nonsense.