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Annex Greenland!

I’m surprised the president hasn’t just decided to annexed Greenland. I mean there’s only 50,000 some inhabitants, and they are peaceful. The US military could easily overpower them. It’s also FREE to just annex Greenland. Why pay for something when you can just illegally annex it through your own domestic law. Get the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate to pass a joint resolution and have the president sign it into American law and claim it as “annexed” and the 51st state. If we do it that way Greenland and Denmark have no say in what happens.

As absurd as that sounds, and I probably shouldn’t be giving the president any ideas, even if joking, that is essentially exactly what the United States did to acquire the Kingdom of Hawaii.

I do want to also mention the G8 became the G7 because the G7 members decided to suspend Russia’s membership for illegally annexing the Crimea. It’s pretty easy to understand Russia wanted the Crimea for its strategic location and took it by force. That’s no different than why the United States illegally annexed Hawaii. The only difference being the illegal annexation of Hawaii was further back in time. I hope that helps explain why many people in Hawaii denounce the American system of greed and say they are not “American”. The American system was forced onto them; they didn’t ask for it. For anyone who hasn’t caught on the people who are protecting Mauna Kea from more development aren’t anti-astronony or anti-science. They are however very fed up with being told what to do on their own land by foreigners.

I can’t write this article and also not mention how Israel has been also illegally expanding into Palestinian land for decades now. They do much the same, they take land that doesn’t belong to them by force and then insist that it is theirs simply because they claimed it by force.

I think many people, especially many Americans need to critically think about what is going on in the world and what is our role in it? On one hand we have human rights violators like China and North Korea. But on the other hand we have human rights violators such as Russia, The United States, and Israel. I get that this will cause cognitive dissonance in many Americans because many Americans have bought into the idea of “American Exceptionalism” and that the United States can do no wrong and should be able to do whatever it wants. However, I think we need to start viewing human rights violations for what they are human rights violations.

Israel is also heavily financially and militarily supported by the United States. That makes The United States a very willing accomplice in the genocide and human rights violations that have taken place against Palestinians.

To me it is no mystery why there isn’t world peace. For one, some people and corporations get very rich off war. More importantly, humans are still savages; we still let some countries take whatever they want by force. Part of peace is respect for one another and respect for international law. Bottom line, we need to address countries like China and North Korea, but we also need to address countries like Russia, The United States, and Israel.




Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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