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Further Reflections On McCade

By DRDavidson

Trump fires veteran FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He was the 2nd in Command – and fired just 2 days before his full retirement eligibility; after serving for 21 years.

Mueller is moving into Investigating Trump’s Businesses and activities during the 2016 campaign. And, his prior connections to multiple staff members, who are now being indicted for corruption and/or having connections to Russian Oligarchs. Some of his key staff members have pled guilty of serious crimes. Mueller’s team includes specially-trained teams of lawyers– who prosecute cases of tax evasion and money-laundering crimes — It is known that multiple Trump-Owned Buildings, properties, units have been bought outright in cash, by people laundering money; using his properties as shells to stash their ill-gotten gains. Naturally, Trump himself wouldn’t have noticed any this happening in his own properties, would he? Then, there are all debts that Trump owes to foreign banks; in the hundreds of billions of dollars. But not to worry, right? He *says* he’s good. He just refuses to release his Tax Returns, is all.

This is Trump’s Countermove. Trump just fired the only person who stood between Trump and Bob Rosenstein.

What a total asshole thing to do to McCabe, in such a total, brutal “f#ck you” political retaliation kind of way. Our goddamned President? To fire him Two Days prior to his retirement, after serving 21 years in the FBI?!

Know this: Trump Is Testing the American Will or Susceptibility. Soon, he’ll attempt to just let loose… What then? If Trump then tries to stop Mueller’s Investigation into himself, or attempts to fire of Robert Mueller directly? Make no mistake – This is Trump’s Countermove.

How f#cking complicit is the modern GOP Party? Will they let this all go, or will they even try to stop Trump from firing Mueller? If not here, then where will they intervene? When?

As this Regime works so fervently to dismantle the safeguards, strip the regulations and to destroy democratic norms. The once-Federal ‘Service’ Agencies are now selling off everything they can to corporations – Everything of government is now viewed as ripe for Privatization… This is about the Long Oligarchy’s Con. The trap is springing.

Do we have what it’s going to take to take on these many regressive policies? We need to fight to repeal “Citizen’s United.” We need to fight to undo the lobby-controlled, special interests — from either side/any side of this Oligarchy. They are writing the legislation for our systems of tax laws. The assurance a self-profiting, “privatized” governance is installing — right before our eyes. The economic inequality is growing at a staggering rate. It is reasonable to see this as a precipice for our democracy? They are soon to be a true ruling class. How long do you imagine this has all been happening? How many decades? How long will *we* keep fighting each other and continue to get – Nowhere?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is stuffing his pockets with millions of taxpayer-funds, on all these many weekends that he keeps double-dealing himself; as he plays at his own golf-courses. He’s racking in the dough for this. Does his base know that? And, this is alright by people?

My god, can an “old school” fiscal Conservative tell me how it’s a good thing for our President to personally profit so grotesquely as he does on our money? He’s taking money – from us! Furthermore, the GOP itself is also trying to steal whatever they can. Sorry, I suppose the P.C. term would be to “re-allocate.” The taxes being given to the wealthy is an astoundingly large sum of money. So, we’re all just okay with our government letting Congress and this administration give everything away to corporations now? The laws, the land and the money? The GOP must know that the payback will be brutal to their party, when the rest of America wakes up to find several more ladders on the socio-economic strata removed. Are they hedging bets that we won’t be able to retaliate at the ballot box in 2020? I’m hoping that a Blue Tsunami comes out of this encouraging Blue Wave.

Under the current GOP-dominated government, everything’s driven not by the antiquated notion of Public Service, but turning everything possible, over to For-Profit Corporations. The Oligarchy’s goal is gaining “a controlling-share” over the economy, the uninterrupted ability to write their own laws that will serve to ensure their ongoing enrichment — at our cost! If they succeed in this hostile takeover, they aim to make sure that it will stay that way.

Mueller needs to get all of evidence together, as promptly as he possibly can on Trump, his billionaire cronies and his f#cking sprawling Conflicts-Of-Interests that truly boggles the mind. Who knows who else is involved (*cough*Putin*cough*)?

Sorry, I said – Putin.


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