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And Another One Bites The Dust…

Trump’s National Security Council spokesman, Michael Anton, has announced that he is leaving the White House. He joins, in other words, the crowd of Trump White House refugees streaming towards the exit.

Eliana Johnson, writing in Politico, notes that Anton’s leave-taking comes at interestingly convenient time. “The announcement of Anton’s departure coincides with that of McMaster, whose last day was Friday, and with the arrival of John Bolton, whose first day as national security adviser is Monday. Though Anton has not yet determined when his last day will be, he is expected to leave the White House in the coming weeks,” she writes.

In other words, he goes over the wall just before Bolton The Barbarian shows up to make life hell for everyone.

And speaking of hell, it seems that Mr. Anton was one of the few people in the White House to claim the title of adult. He had a level head and could be the voice of calm when everyone else was in full panic mode. Again, to quote Johnson, “Inside the White House, Anton, the author of a book about men’s style, was the rare egghead who managed not to drive the president crazy — and he played a key role weathering McMaster’s testy relationship with the president.”

Now he’s gone. Which does not bode good for any of us.

Well, you have to admire his sense of timing. Mr. Anton clearly knows when to leave a sinking ship.