An Extremely Worrying Meme - Liberal Resistance

An Extremely Worrying Meme

The other day, I saw the above meme on the People For Bernie Instagram feed. I did a search for the picture itself, and discovered there is, indeed, a back story. Something about two celebs having a “bromance.” And the image has become a general meme symbolizing pride before a fall.

But what I found particularly interesting is the use of the image, here, as a sign of what could all too easily happen to the Left in the upcoming elections. I don’t know who did this meme, but whoever it was, he/she had a point. We are, all of us, expecting a Democratic win in the 2018 midterms, and a bigger one in 2020.

Which may happen. But, on the other hand, the DNC and DCCC and all the rest of the party establishment haven’t exactly gone out of their way to welcome the Resistance into its ranks. In fact, they have done much to marginalize us, driving out–or attempting to drive out–the young, the progressive, and the democratic socialist.

And that is going to cause us harm. Just as this meme implies, the Democratic Elites have not even considered the fundamental problems of this country. They have not admitted that the problems exist, much less come up with a rational plan to do anything about them. No. They have just assumed that if they go on doing as they have done, the deplorables will simply go away…

Which just isn’t going to happen.

So, I fear, we may be setting ourselves up for a fall in November, and a second two years later. I fear that the Democratic Party has failed to become the potent, left-wing organization which people want it to be, and which would get them to the polls. Or, even if we are somehow victorious in 2018 and 2020, there are many elections yet to come after that, and many more men like Trump in the wings.

Ergo, I wonder…

I wonder if, once Trump is out of the White House, we on the Left won’t have to reconsider our alliance with the Democratic Party elites. And I wonder, too, if, in the end, we won’t be forced oppose them with genuine fury…

Knowing that they are, in fact, our co-belligerents, but never once our friends.