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Americans Finally Getting It On Climate Change

From the “Better Late Than Never…we hope” file…

The Guardian is reporting that Battered by extreme weather, Americans are more worried about climate change. It seems that, at long last, the majority of us are beginning to suspect that yes, climate change is real, and people are probably responsible for it, and unless we do something about it, things are going to get a lot of worse.

All it took was several hurricanes, much flooding, killer heat waves, considerable property destruction, and a relatively high loss of human life…

The news isn’t all good. A recent survey of public opinion by Yale and George Mason Universities shows that just over half of Americans don’t understand that global warming is a product of human activity, as in burning fossil fuels. Still, that’s up from what it was. And, according to the survey, now something like 62% of Americans believe that it is happening, and they say that they are worried about it.

This is, of course, coming pretty late in the game, and it is going to be very difficult to undo the damage that’s been done—particularly given the current Administration’s aversion to anything like environmental protections. But, we are making progress of a sort. At least climate change denialism is no longer the creed of the majority of Americans.

Let us hope that we, as a nation, have a chance to regret our foolishness…rather than just suffering the consequences of it.