An American Woman’s Thoughts On Her Beloved Country — 2018 - Liberal Resistance

An American Woman’s Thoughts On Her Beloved Country — 2018

By Mira Schnebly

America had great men, such as George Washington, who did not believe it torture, political parties, or attacking the free press.  For Washington, it was all about country first, not money, not power, not glory, but country, all for the greater good of the country.

America with Trump in the Oval Office, has sunk so low that I cry for my beloved country.  Americans are in exactly the same spot as our once nascent nation, recently freed from the grip of Mad King George.

The Mad King’s oppressive occupation of American colonists who suffered horrors beyond our comprehension today and the attempts  to destroy the land and any occupant who did not swear loyalty to the Mad King, is a sad reminder of what we are experiencing today with Trump.

Trump by his, and his Administration’s actions, have sown the “grievance” seeds for another American Revolution.  Quoting John F. Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable. “  That is the situation we are faced with today.

There is an individual in the Oval Office as Mad as King George was, as inexperienced as Mad King George was, knows as little about the world as Mad King George did.

However, in an effort to be fair, some – just a little background insight into the molding of what Trump is today. Trumps parents abandoned him as so much garbage to a military school. Their excuse was young Trump was incorrigible and they were not equipped to handle him. He engaged in thuggish behavior, never listened, caused and got into trouble (MUCH LIKE TODAY).  So his wealthy parents, instead of getting young Trump help via counseling simply threw him away to military school (WHERE THE DAMAGE CONTINUED AND WAS MOST LIKELY EXASCERBATED).  Trumps parents also “rented” a model to visit young Trump at his school to give him a “ladies man” image. My thoughts are, if parents are so sure of their sons claim to masculinity, why rent a female to impress the guys?

Similarities between Trump and my 15-year-old Miniature Pinscher (“min pin” for short): both have pinball machines for brains. Again to be fair, it is more likely Trump has A.D.D., and possibly dyslexia.  Given the era and the perceived (image is everything era) stain of any mental issues or mental illness, and the attitudes of Trumps parents, who made the decision to throw him away instead of getting him the help he so desperately needed, we have a deeply disturbed individual in the Oval Office. If he had received the counseling, perhaps he would be a different person, we will never know.

Re my min-pin, she definitely has doggie A.D.D.  She is much sweeter and much cuter than Trump.

One more thing, the difference between Trump and Mad King George: the Mad King legitimately inherited his position.

At this time, more and more information is coming to light that the Russians may have influenced the outcome of the election, which logically, leads to one conclusion, Russian hackers tampered with the Electoral College outcome.

Additionally, more evidence surfacing that Russia/Putin channeled money to Republican campaigns resulting in the investigation to find the full extent of Russian meddling in our 2016 election being obstructed by the GOP at every turn.

The Trump Loyalist Party just passed a #taxscambill which is the equivalent of taxation without representation. The rotting pile of vomit, illegitimately sitting in the Oval Office, is as much of a “brute” as Mad King George. Trump is following in the footsteps of his early British counterpart by attacking the press, anyone and everyone in his dementia ridden, delusional state, Trump deems the enemy of “himself.”

The American Revolution “became a personal contest” for George III, one that he refused to recognize that he lost until Parliament forced him to recognize defeat.”  Mad King George who, “grudgingly accepted a government he did not want (headed by Rockingham) and a peace he could not abide” which for Trump is yet to come.  The Blue Wave will be the first nail in the coffin of the tenure of The Mad President of the United States.

Never forget Republicans did not do one thing to help the “forgotten Americans” they falsely refer to over and over again. Instead they helped the already rich get richer, and in Trumps own words:

“That night, Trump stumbled off message. “You all just got a lot richer,” he told friends and members of his club, where up-front dues cost $200,000 and annual fees $14,000, CBS News reported. It went viral.

Republicans need to understand that Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell and others need to go as they are tainted by Russian money, meddling.  If Republicans do nothing to right this rotting ship of state, then the Blue Wave will, and it will not be pretty. Never forget how low they let the United States of America sink.