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American The Leftist…

There’s a great article on the (it is also in their printed magazine) called ‘Donald Trump’s presidency has moved America left’ .  American ideologically now is the furthest left it has been since the early 1960’s.    The first paragraph of the article is below:

“AMERICANS ARE more in favour of “big-government” policies today than at any point in the last 68 years. That is the conclusion of James Stimson, a political scientist, who has analysed long-running polls from the Universities of Chicago and Michigan to come up with annual estimates of the “public mood”. Mr Stimson estimates that the last time America was feeling this left-wing was in 1961, when the civil-rights movement was full-steam ahead and Alan Shepard became the first American to be launched into outer space.”

Now the real question is can we get some real leadership in power to actually help make the American system representative of the ideology of the American people?  Can we make that happen before Trump manages to start WW3?