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American Jews Arrested For Protesting Concentration Camps

Never thought I’d see the day in America on American soil where Jews would be arrested for protesting concentration camps.  And yet here we are sinking to new lows as the Trump Administration tries and drags us as a nation through their racist and hateful quagmire.  

It’s harder to ideologically subvert a group that has its own traditions. These Jews have a moral reference point and know what the current coup government of American is doing to asylum seekers is nothing less than evil.  They are also fully aware of where this could easily be headed with their cries of “Never Again for Anyone!” Crowding people together and denying them basic hygiene like showers or ability to brush teeth for weeks and months is the denial of basic human rights. People that only know “American culture” are way easier to propagandize.  If Trump has taught us one thing many Americans have south pointing moral compasses that need realigned.  

Please read the following article Why Jews Are Getting Themselves Arrested at ICE Centers Around the Country by Mairav Zonszein on Vice News for more of the actual details.