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American Ghosts

We don’t usually run material about fiction in Liberal Resistance. But we’re making an exception because there is a new novel out that everyone ought to glance at. American Ghosts by long-time contributor Edward Santella tells the story of race and racism in America via a chilling tale of the supernatural…or is it all too natural?

In any case, the book’s cover language reads, “With the help of their classmate Celisa, Rik and Jessa choose to find out who the ghosts are, why they are here and why now. The answers to those questions will force the family and their neighbors to confront long avoided truths and make a decision they never imagined they would face. Because the ghosts are here for a reason. And there are those in the neighborhood who will go to any length to be rid of them—including the unthinkable.

“American Ghosts is a story about growing up in a country that pretends that race doesn’t matter and class doesn’t exist. It’s a story of past violence and present survival, about finding conscience in a post conscience world. To find a way forward, the Hollies will have to listen to long ignored stories, make connections with people unlike themselves and forge identities in a strange new world.”

So join the Hollies on their adventure in an American past that most of us would like to forget, and which will haunt us all until we face it head on.