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America Needs You

VirtueReality2 host and commentator Marc Keyser

Blue-Wave voters voted for Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives to investigate, impeach and indict President Trump; and there will be hell to pay if Republicans in Congress fail in their duty.

We need a Blitzkrieg attack on these un-American, lying Trump Republican enablers in Congress to force them to impeach President Trump.

In a block buster Congressional hearing, Trump’s long-time, attorney/fixer Michael Cohen testified against his former boss.

One: There was a conduit of information flowing from Wikileaks to Trump that Trump sought to weaponize for the presidential election.

Two: There was an illegal payment scheme to hide the affair between Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels. Cohen provided cancelled checks signed by Donald Trump and Don Trump Jr. for hush-money transfers.

Three: Trump lied about having business dealing in Moscow when he was, in fact, negotiating to build a Trump Tower there during the campaign worth billions.

Four: Trump has been engaged in financial crimes, hiding his millions of dollars in assets from tax agencies and putting them into his fake charity.

Yet none of these revelations of the depths of Trump criminal behavior gave Trump Republicans pause. The best they could come up with was their juvenile “Liar, liar pants on fire” attack on Cohen.

According to Republicans on the Committee, Cohen’s a self-admitted scoundrel, a liar who perjured himself before Congress and is on his way to prison. Republicans made the argument that this negates anything Cohen has to say, which is absurd because Cohen’s perjury was on behalf of the president, as were the violations of campaign finance laws.

Cohen cut a deal with prosecutors for a reduced prison sentence in exchange for his full cooperation. Cohen has every reason to tell the whole truth about Trump… or face a lot more prison time. His testimony is being verified with documents, tape recordings and other witness who will be appearing before Congress.

It is self-evident that Trump Republicans in Congress are committed to covering-up President Trump’s criminal behavior. Donald Trump is crime lord, and his dark deeds are like snakes on the head of Medusa.

First: We must make it clear that Trump’s hand–pick Attorney General, William Barr shall not interfere with the Muller Trump-Russia probe and/or the Southern District of New York’s anti-mob RICO investigation of the Trump organization.

Second: We must drop the hammer on Trump Republicans in Congress who have refused to investigate or hold Trump accountable for the past two years.

Ask what you can do to bring Trump to justice

Pick up your phone and join the Phone-In to force Congress to investigate, impeach and indict Trump. Call up Bank of America in solidarity, shut them down, and put public pressure on Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump.

Join the good fight to force Trump Republicans in the Senate do their constitutional duty to impeach President Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Call main number for Bank America 800-732-9194, and call the branch nearest you… and keep on calling. Use your smart phone to social network and spread the word. Calling together we can crash their phones, disrupt their money machine, and drop the hammer on Trump Republicans in control of the Senate.

Trump Republicans in Congress can impeach President Trump and nullify his illegitimate presidency, or they can lose Bank of America and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

We begin by calling one or two local banks and demonstrating out front, which will make the news and go viral. A few thousand callers in the U.S. can mushroom into millions of die-hard protesters in cities in the U.S. and around the globe calling Bank of America with a vengeance.

President Trump cannot stop the better part of 320 million people in America and 7.5 billion people in the world with mobile phones from calling Bank of America… if they damn well feel like it.

There are no special skills involved in calling 800-732-9194 continuously; your average 5-year-old can do it. Who among us cannot use social media to get the message out? If Trump can have 50 million followers on Twitter, why can’t we have 500 million callers on Bank of America’s phones?

The police could threaten to arrest people who call Bank of America, but on what charges? Is the government going confiscate the better part of 320 million phones from people who might call?

Since when is it a crime for consumers to use their phones to call out Bank of America and complain about the way this crime syndicate on Wall Street does business?

This is a protest on the phones in virtual reality where people are free to call from anywhere any time they want. They can protest by phone without fear of riot police, tear gas, and mass arrests. It’s like a Woodstock Concert with hundreds of thousands of protesters on the phones playing loud music and trashing Bank of America.
If Bank of America is overwhelmed with complaints, and they can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines and keep their business running at a profit, that’s their problem. If they don’t want a few million people to camp out on their phones and muck about in their business, all they have to do is meet our demands.

The plan is simple. We simply protest by phone in the virtual reality of the telecommunications where there are no walls to keep an invading army of millions of protesters from calling Bank of America overrunning and laying waste their business… until Republicans in the Senate meet our demands to save Bank of America from going belly up and save themselves from the public firestorm.

Congress will investigate, indict and impeach President Trump. Trump Republicans in the Senate will vote to impeach Trump for high crimes and treason… because they cannot afford to lose Bank of America.


Marc Keyser is a long term activist and the originator of the Phone Protest technique. His opinions are his own.