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America needs Entrepreneurs

It makes me wonder if in combating the billion dollar scale economy if we don’t need more entrepreneurs to do things better and treat the workers and independent contractors better.  Like a Lyft or Uber that charges a $1 or $2 flat fee and the rest of the fare goes to the drivers.  People may not make billions writing a new app but a million or two would still be nice.  That is probably the shift we need in America’s end stage capitalism to save it from its own destructive ways.  Someone could make a few million with a new app and then someone else can come along make a better one and make a few million for themselves.  That would be a more dynamic economy; instead of one or two barons of every industry. Currently everything is ending up in a non-responsive to customer/worker needs monopoly.  New smaller companies could address those needs better and faster. 

It just seems when are in a state of everyone in America getting everything shoved down our collective throats directly from a corporate boardroom.  If people doing the work made more money the economy would be way healthier.  That would be a great move for labor because then people might actually make enough money to live on.

The problem now with the current model is the driver bears so much of the expense and human labor cost.  Companies like Uber and Lyft don’t care how they treat their drivers.  These companies aren’t materially participating in the industry and yet they still want their huge cut right off the top.  A flat fee sounds way more reasonable to me.  Since Uber and Lyft still get their fee off the top no matter what, they aren’t very responsive to problems.  If something in the company’s app is going to mess up or act weird anyway, I’d rather only be paying them a dollar or two and drivers should have the ability to withhold that dollar if they don’t do their part correctly.  I bet they would be way more responsive if drivers had the ability to donate their dollar to charity if they don’t correct problems quickly and easily. 


Currently when a passenger pays $10 the driver is lucky to get $5 or $6 of that fare.  While that might make good pocket change that’s hundreds and hundreds of rides needed to pay a mortgage or rent after all the expense is factored in.  


Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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