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Am Con: Stop This War With Iran!

Once again, we find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with the writers at American Conservative magazine. Specifically, we read with much admiration Scott Ritter’s piece, Is America Ready for John Bolton’s War With Iran? His answer? A resounding No!

He goes on to say that a war against Iran, right now, is unnecessary, unwarranted, unjustified, and very possibly unwinnable. Yet, for reasons of his own, Bolton pushes for just such a conflict. Ritter writes, “By purposefully escalating tensions with Iran using manufactured intelligence about an all too real threat, Bolton is setting the country up for a war it is not prepared to fight and most likely cannot win. This point is driven home by the fact that Mike Pompeo has been recalled from his trip to participate in a National Security Council meeting where the Pentagon will lay out in stark detail the realities of a military conflict with Iran, including the high costs. (Hopefully, they’ll emphasize that Iran would win such a war simply by not losing—all they’d have to do is ride out any American attack.)”

Why is Bolton pushing for a war we can’t win? Well, apparently, he just likes wars. Also, says Ritter, he is operating from self-serving Israeli intelligence. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has a great deal to gain from America taking out Iran, or at least thwarting its ambitions for a while, even if that comes at the cost of a great many dead Americans.

And so, one more time we find ourselves wishing that the editors and writers of American Conservative were running the GOP.

We may not agree with them. We may not even like them. But, for criminy sakes, at least they’ve got a brain in their heads.