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All Republicans are Complicit

William B. Turner

A few brave “conservatives” have begun to smell the cat food and start pointing out what a disaster the so called president is. Okay, some of them recognized beforehand what we good liberals yelled at the top of our lungs at every opportunity – that the Donald would make, and is now making, a lousy president. George Will went all drama queen, as is his wont, and withdrew from the Republican Party, despite having been all in for the Donald’s intellectual forebear, Ronald Reagan. There’s some difference between the two, but not much.

Bill Kristol, the legend in his own mind, was part of the “Never Trump” crowd at the National Review. But no Republican who’s opinion really matters in electoral politics had the nerve in 2015 and 2016 to stand up and state the obvious: Donald Trump should never get anywhere near the presidency.

Such a statement from a Republican leader, much less multiple Republican leaders, would have cost them. Trump was very popular with an important segment of the Republican base – the unrepentant white supremacist rump who left the Democratic Party over civil rights legislation benefiting African Americans and followed their lode star, Strom Thurmond, to the Republican Party. George Wallace was their last Democratic hope and he was a miserable failure, so they succcumed to the siren song of Richard Nixon running for the “silent majority,” a slogan Trump used a bit, although it’s too subtle for him.

And for Republicans since Nixon, all that matters is getting power for its own sake. No concern about the quality of the public policy they enact, or for the public good, just naked power to wield over other people. Since nothing may interfere with the Prime Directive, so long as Trump was popular enough with the base, no prominent Republican would dare call him the incompetent that he so obviously was and is.  The white supremacists are key to Republican electoral victories, especially the presidency.

So sudden epiphanies from Republicans, no matter how well placed on your boob tube they may be, ring very hollow. Um, where were you when the Donald was winning Republican primaries? Why did you not stand up then and state loudly that he should never be president? Why did you silently abet your Party’s horrendous decision to foist on the republic a crazy, stupid, grossly incompetent president?


When you see Republicans intoning now about how the Donald is an imbecile, which he undoubtedly is, ask yourselves, or them if you can, why they didn’t say that when all of us good liberals were loudly saying it during the election. Meanwhile, look askance at what they’re saying now. They have forfeited any claim to credibility.