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Alex Jones Goes Cyborg Bashing

All right all you super-intelligent, transhuman cyborgs out there. Alex Jones has got your number. Jones, the chief wing nut at Infowars, has apparently announced that cyborgs will soon be a menace to the nation. And he’s not gonna stand for it.

Jared Holt, writing in Right Wing Watch, notes that in a recent program, Jones said “that transgender rights activism is secretly paving the way for measures protecting cyborgs and other ‘new life forms’ and that accepting multiple gender identities or sexual orientations is ‘how you destroy a civilization.’”

In a word…huh?

But, he seems perfectly serious. Transgender people, he says, are just the first step down the long, slippery slope to cyborgs. The link from Caitlyn Jenner to Robocop seems a little unclear to us, but, maybe we’re just not subtle enough.

Still, you do have to admire Jones in his way. Real cyborgs of the type he envisions are decades, if not centuries away.

But when they finally get here Jones will be ready to hate and fear them. There is something to be said for foresight.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The Little Professor