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AG Whitaker Involved In Scam – Miami News

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Trump’s new “Acting” Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, has an interesting background, to say the least. The Miami News Times is reporting that he was formerly on the board of a “Miami-based invention-marketing company the Federal Trade Commission shut down last year after calling it a scam.”

Inventors would come to the company, World Patent Marketing, in hopes of having their creations marketed world wide. According to the FTC, however, the company took the inventors’ fees and then did little or nothing to actually sell the products. Says the Miami News Times article, “World Patent Marketing collected almost $26 million by promising starry-eyed inventors it would turn their inventions into best sellers. Company reps claimed invention ideas were reviewed by an illustrious board that included big names such as Whitaker, Republican Congressman Brian Mast, and time-travel scientist Ronald Mallett. (A Mast spokesman denied that the congressman was on the board and said he never accepted compensation, though he did take a campaign contribution he later returned.)”

But, in a classic con, the inventors got nothing for their money. “Once customers paid, World Patent Marketing provided little of what was promised. And when customers complained or warned that they would write negative reviews, (company CEO Scott) Cooper unleashed wild threats, sometimes mentioning Krav Maga-trained security.” Krav Maga is a martial art developed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Whitaker himself, meanwhile, also allegedly threatened dissatisfied customers, though with “severe” legal action rather than actual violence.

And this is the man who is to be the top cop in Trump’s administration.