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Common Sense things to do after the Trump Era

I know we haven’t gotten rid of Trump yet, but Mueller seems to be closing in and hopefully it is just a matter of time.  I do think we also need to be looking at what can we do unite as liberals/progressives after the end of the Trump era.  Here are some suggestions that I really do think will bring America into the 21st Century and allow us to take our place among the other Western industrialized nations.  I’m very pragmatic and I hope you find this to be a common sense approach.

We need to acknowledge that the lack of unions has made it almost impossible for many people to get a fair wage they could actually reasonably live on.  Someone working full time should not need public benefits for basic survival.  We need a higher minimum wage that reflects the cost of living.  The United States has done a good job at killing unions and now we have more working poor than ever before.  By allowing this to go on the public is subsidizing large corporations like Wal-Mart by providing its employees healthcare and food assistance.

 Many American workers no longer have access to pensions (which used to be common).  So, we need to overhaul Social Security & Disability to reflect that people are more reliant on it now for sole income than they used to be.  So many elderly & disabled should not be forced to live in poverty.

Now with less job security than ever it also seems important that programs like unemployment match the needs of the regular worker.  Since the system has changed we need to update the corresponding program.

We should have universal healthcare so that anyone that has physical or mental problems can seek help and hopefully get better and move on with their lives.  People that are healthy are more likely to be productive tax paying citizens.

Higher education needs to be more affordable— or even free, as it is in Germany.  Then everyone will have an accessible option for higher education if they do want to put the work in.

I even like how Canada and other places has daycares that are subsidized and parents pay an affordable daily rate.  This allows parents a way to more easily go back to work.  It is also good for society because if more parents are working then they are way less likely to need public assistance.

If you like any of these ideas please share them with your friends, family, and lawmakers.  The more we get people talking about what needs to be done to put America back on track the more likely it will actually happen.  I think it is good to remove the barriers that do hold many people back in society and allow more social mobility.  Currently the United States has very low social mobility meaning it is hard to move up the social standing ladder.  What is even scarier to see is how easily many people are sliding down that ladder.  Many middle class are now finding themselves among the huge mass of the poor and the working poor in America.