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African-American Rep Almost Ejected From Statehouse

File this in the Oh, fucking hell folder…ABC News is reporting that Ohio state Rep. Emilia Sykes has repeatedly been almost denied entrance to the Ohio Statehouse because “she doesn’t look like a legislator.” Three guesses what color she is. Yep, she’s Black.

The freely elected representative of the people says she has repeatedly attempted to enter her state’s legislature building and several times been subjected to excessive scrutiny by building security. The highpoint came when a guard actually wanted to physically prevent her going through the door without a thorough (and degrading) search of her bag, even though she had proper ID and was in the company of a 68-year old colleague who attempted to explain that Sykes had every right to be there.

Apparently, her repeated complaints to state officials…and tweets, and going to the press…have had some effect. She has been given an apology, and she’s been told that it won’t happen again. But, still, incidents like this sort of bring it home to you, don’t they?

This is why Trump could happen.