So here’s a little fact. Senator Marco Rubio (R) introduced a bill in 2015 that cut the government subsidies to Obamacare. He said we had to quit bailing out the insurance companies. As a result, the insurances companies had to raise their rates for 2016.

Then we have the election. Dems get blamed for the rate increase because it’s President Obamas signature healthcare program. However, who was in control in congress in 2015? Actually, the republicans had gained control of congress in 2014.

Nevertheless, it got passed, and plan rates went up right before the election. Saving the government 2.5 Billion. The insurance companies should now be covering their reported losses. I guess that depends on the health of the people they insure.

Still, the question to be answered is “should we have the right to healthcare, or will we have access. “Access means you pay the price whatever that is. Without the government subsidies, who knows what the rates will be once it’s repealed. If
you have a nation that is pooled collectively and the government is the primary negotiator involved in i.e. negotiating price for the entire country, you have negotiating power because insurance companies have one customer. That’s it, the US population as a whole.

BarackobamaIn addition, remember that the ACA -Obamacare requires employers that have over 50 employees to buy healthcare.
That’s means if it’s repealed, your employer no longer has to insure you. Also, people with pre-existing conditions will get priced out of the market. Leaving it to our state budget to pay is going to require we raise more revenues. Our state budget deficit is 80M as of Jan 31, 2017. in other words, theirs no money for that and we need a lot more. Lastly, it means people in the Medicaid expansion plan would get dropped. Fact: 95% of the children in New Mexico are covered thru Obamacare.

My true hope for all is that we can manage to take care of one another. Manage costs and get fair pricing. We need to talk about it now. Let’s not wonder what our fate will be as we negotiate individually down the road, let’s do it together. Where that goes, who knows.

Yours Truly,
Your New Mexico,
Daughter of the American Revolution